Before you begin it is important for Property owners or agents to read the following information:

One must ensure that they have a current Property Tax Notice from the Inland Revenue; this can be a Demand Notice (Tax Bill) or an Arrear Notice. The name of the property owner must be entered as it appears on your bill, eg. Wade, John Alfred O.

When taxes for the current year are paid in full before the due date, a discount of five percent (5%) is given.

Where taxes are not paid by the due date and corresponding grace period, late payment fees of 5% penalty and a further penalty of 5% per annum are added on the balance due.

Persons making payment must have legal authority or be authorised by the property owner(s) to make a payment. Copies of this authority must be sent to the Inland Revenue.

Where you do not have a tax bill in your possession you are advised to contact the Tax Office for relevant documents.

When making your payment you must distinguish between current year tax and overdue amounts for earlier years.

The Inland Revenue can be contacted at telephone number (664) 491-2463/3211 and by email at

Pay Property Tax

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Portal

When entering the owner name, it is usually in the format Last Name, First Name and Initial. For example: Doe, John L. You will need to include the comma as it appears in your bill - the comma usually comes after the Last Name. All owner names are not the same, please enter the Owner Name as it appears on your bill. Be sure to include any symbols such as commas and periods as it appears on your bill.

Your property reference number can be entered as it appears on your bill. the slashes '/' can be or ommitted. For example both 11/222/333 and 11222333 will be accepted.

Inland Revenue Information

The bills are stated in Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

Persons can visit our offices at Government Headquarters in Brades or email the department at

Yes, you can get a 5% discount on the basic amount.

Yes, Property Taxes can be prepaid. When the bills are issued the prepayment would be shown on the bill.

You can pay online on this portal or by wire transfer of US dollars and Pound Sterling.

Only someone who you authorize can pay on your behalf. Communication authorizing such persons MUST be sent to the Comptroller of Inland Revenue Department.

It’s a departmental policy to hold taxes as prepayment for a maximum of three (3) years. Any excess payment over that can be refunded.

Any encumbrances on the property after the sale has been finalized is inherited by the new owner. However, with the introduction of the ‘form F’ this will reduce the likelihood of this happening as the issuance of the ’form F’ ensures that all taxes are being paid before the property can be transferred.

You will need to send a formal request to the Land Registry Department informing them of the change.